Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Fun

Well Halloween was a bunch of fun. We went to ZooBoo the week before halloween and then on Halloween night we headed to Heather's church for their fall fest. Hunter was a train engineer and i must say he looked mighty cute. Lately he has been fascinated with trains which pulls a little on my heart because my sweet sweet great grandfather LOVED trains and alot of it may simply be the boy in him to tote his trains around the house and roll them on every window sill and all across the floor while saying "choo choo" but i also like to think that God gave him that love so that we could see a little piece of my pepaw all over again! But outside of this he is just a big bundle of fun with a little bit of pizazz. I like to say pizazz cause it is slightly nicer than saying "a little attitude in him"..haha! He knows what he wants and he knows how to tell you what he wants. He is saying a little over 20 words and says "hey dogs" very clearly and we are excited about him putting two words together. Well we are looking forward to the holidays and spending some time with family and friends! This year is going to be so much fun cause i think Hunter will get into it and enjoy everything! We just love this time of year! Hope everyone is doing well! Hope to see you all or hear from you soon! But for now here are some pics from the Halloween fun! And the last picture is of him in his super cute THomas the Tank Engine train pajamas. I thought i would share since of these pictures are about train outfits!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cedar Hills Farm fun!

This past weekend we took Hunter down to Cedar Hills Farm with Heather and the fam and Amanda and her fam! It was a blast. I expected it to be pretty fun for the kids but i had no idea there was that much to do! We did a hayride where Hunter picked out his own little pumpkin. Jason and i got one also so we each would have one, all of the kids had a blast at the petting zoo, and we even enjoyed a little chicken puppet was alot of fun for the kids and they were worn out for sure!!! Here are some pics! And stay tuned with Halloween quickly approaching, i will have some pics posted of Hunter in his train engineer outfit that is so cute on him!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Jack's dedication

We went yesterday to celebrate Jackson's dedication at church! We were so happy to spend this special occasion with Heather, Greg, Olivia and Jackson! he is just precious and getting so big!

Just a quick update on what we have been up to

Well we have been busy as normal here lately so i just wanted to post a few pics of some things! Hunter is growing like a weed...something that Jason and i just realized today as we were dressing him this morning to go to his Gee's house and literally put on 4 different outfits that seriously just fit last week! Gosh they grow so fast! But he is such a sweet bundle of fun and energy! Now that he is walking he is the new man in the house...he just takes over! He is talking ALOT. Sometimes i wander if he is even supposed to be saying as many words as he does. He gets talking very honestly i must say but pretty much any word you try and get him to say he says something back to you. Right now he is up to about 15 words in his vocabulary with another 5 that not everyone would understand but he tries. And one of his newest things is when he is tired he wants you to sing to him, but not just any song...he says baby for "rock the baby" and he says "twink twink for "twinkle twinkle little star" It melts my heart! But here are some pics for you to enjoy of this past weekend we went to Bounz down in southaven for our friend's little girl Emma's birthday! Hunter didnt know what to think of it all at first with all the blown up slides and jumping areas but he took to it pretty quickly and we had a blast! Here are a couple of pics!

Happy Birthday Allison...oh wait it's not May...just a girls night out

Well Friday night was a fun night out with the girls. It was me, Katrina, Allison and Gwen. The plan was to meet at El Porton in cordova at 7. This was a quick drive for me, Gwen, and Katrina but Allison was running just a couple of minutes behind because she was so willing to drive from Mississippi to our neck of the woods! Little did she know that just a few minutes would provide lots of entertainment to our meal! So we sit down and as we are waiting for Allison we decide to play a small joke on Allison and tell the waiter that it is "our friend that is still on the way's birthday" haha! For those of you that dont know...Allison's birthday is in May. And if any of you know Katrina and I...or have had the pleasure to eat out with us...and whether it is just the two of us or a table full we have a blast! So we get done eating and to be honest with conversation we probably forgot for half a second about the joke until the singing began and it was hilarious! Please see below as we celebrate Allison's "birthday"! Followed by pics that we took thanks to Katrina's super fun idea of going to pumpkin patch and having a photo shoot! We hope that Gwen will dine and hang with the 3 of us again!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

A little of this and that

Well we have been busy bee's over the past week or so! Last weekend we had Heather's 30th Birthday, which was a yummy dinner down at Kyoto and here are a few pics of that night. In the picture where Hunter is holding a pink baby (we all know how much Jason loves this) haha...this is our friends Amanda and Danny's little girl, Emma's doll...he would not let it go the whole time we went for icecream! We were lucky Emma was so sweet to share! So here are a few pics from that night!

And then on Sunday Allison, Theresa, and I threw a Housewarming Party for Katrina and her new home. Her new house is so cute and i dont have any pics from that day but the day was perfect and i think she really enjoyed every moment of it. There is a pic of me, Allison, and Theresa wearing our new scarves that Katrina got us so maybe i can get my hands on it and post it.

And here are just a couple of just "this and that" pics of things we have been out and about doing! The baby pics are of Jack, and then Olivia is in the pic with Hunter from the day we went to the Germantown Fest and pics of Sunday night when we went to dinner with Jason's parents and Elijah. (Danny missed the photo shoot cause he came from work and missed the pic taking) But we love you LeeLee!!!!! And please enjoy the pic of Jason and Greg playing "Playing ring around the rosies" with Olivia and Hunter! It was hilarious!